Online Fundraising



Fun Run wil be held on Sunday, 4th August 2019

Entry fees have been kept low again this year to assist with affordability.  Pricing is very simple.  Race shirts are a significant part of the cost of the event, in order to keep entry fees low, race shirts may be purchased separately.  When registering you will be able to choose to purchase a race T-Shirt (while they last).











$60 $35 $30



N/A $20 $15


Please Note: 

We have changed the age range for children in the 10km & 4km distant types as follows:.  

Adults:  18 years and older (10km & 4km only)

Children:  0-17 (i.e. up to 17years 11months 29days) (10km & 4km only)

Prams (non-timed): 0-6 years old - no fee

Companions (non-timed): 16 years and older - no fee

Half-Marathon minimun age is 16 and there is one fee type only 

For your entry fee you receive:


-  Race Bib


-  Professional Timing


-  Water on course  


-  Water and fresh madarians (or other) at finish


-  Certificate of Achievement (print your own)


Optional (for purchase)


- Race Shirt



Fundraising - if you want to Run for FUNds registration is a 2-Step process.


1.  Register to take part in the Bundaberg Sugar Cane2Coral - select Register Now button on any page on this website


2.  Register to fundraise - select Start Fundraising button on any page of this website



Some important highlights from the Terms & Conditions (link to full T&C's):

21.1km, 10km and 4km

Bikes, roller skates, skateboards or dogs are NOT PERMITTED on any course


21.1km and 10km Courses:

The 21.1km and 10km course contains sections of unsealed roads, hardened or compacted surfaces which may not be suitable for prams and/or strollers:   

-  In the interest of safety the use of side-by-side prams and/or strollers is NOT PERMITTED in the 21.1km and 10km 

-  In the interest of safety, wheelchairs of any type are NOT PERMITTED in the 21.1km and 10Km 

-  Tandem prams and/or strollers are permitted in the 21.1km and 10km*


4km Course 

-  Side-by-Side prams and/or strollers may be permitted in the 4km*

-  Tandem prams and/or strollers may be permitted in the 4km*

-  Non-sporting wheelchairs may be permitted in the 4km 


* Children in prams must be registered (no fees apply).  They will recieve a BIB but those BIB's will have no timing mechinism.