Online Fundraising



Get a TEAM together and run for FUNds and Prizes!


For every team of 10 or more entrants, Bundaberg Sugar Cane2Coral will donate 10% of your team's registration fees* to your nominated charity or not-for-profit sports club. Plus there are TEAM prizes that can be won. So get a team together and raise money for your favorite charity. 


The prizes and donations listed below are 'In Addition' to any funds you raise yourself via GoFundraise.  So don't forget to also set up your own fundraising page with GoFundraise!


Team size requirements:


Minimum: 10 (you must have 10 or more entrants in your team to qualify)

Maximum: none


TEAM Categories and Prizes 

There are 1st Place and Runner-up Prizes for the following categories:


  • Largest Team - Community
    • 1st Place $500
    • Runner-up $300
  • Largest Team - Sports Club
    • 1st  Place $500
    • Runner-up $300
  • Largest Team - Work/Employer Group
    • 1st Place $500
    • Runner-up $300
  • Largest Team - Secondary School (on a pro rata basis)
    • 1st Place $300
    • Runner-up $200
  • Largest Team - Primary School (on a pro rata basis)
    • 1st Place $300
    • Runner-up $200


PLUS, In ADDITION there will be TWO Best Dressed (people's choice) AWARDS!  These may be for Best Dressed, Most Interesting, or Best Effort!


Winners for each category will be announced upon completion of the race on 5th August 2018 at Nielson's Park, Bargara.  Distribution of Funds will be done at the Official Bundaberg Sugar Cane2Coral Distribution Presentation Day held in October/November (exact date TBA).


The Cash Prizes for theTEAM Categories are proudly sponsored by The Waves Sports Club.


Note:  Any teams that receive a discount off their registration fees will not qualify for the additional 10% donation.  They will still be eligible for the Prizes in the Team Categories. 


Team Captains - Here's how to set up a TEAM


Click on the REGISTER NOW button on any page in the website which will bring you to the registration system.


  • Then click on the REGISTER NEW TEAM button to fill out the entry form to create your team which will require:
    • TEAM Name
    • Team Category (choose from the selection)
    • Password (IMPORTANT: this will be the password you give to your team members in order for them to join your team)
    • Team ADMIN Password (to be used for the team captain only)


That's it!  Your team is set up. Now all you need to do it provide your the team members with the TEAM NAME and Password which they will use when they register for the Fun Run.


Team Captains will be contacted by a Bundaberg Sugar Cane2Coral admin person so that you may register your nominated charity or not-for-profit sports club.


Note:  Team Captains - don't forget register yourself. 



Team Members


Click on the REGISTER NOW on any page in the website to enter and follow the prompts as you would as in individual by choosing CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. The ONLY difference is that you will need the TEAM NAME and Password to join the team.  That's it!  


Note:  Participants can be part of team and be in different race distances. 


Other Team Questions & Answers?



We use to fill out a spreadsheet and give that to Cane2Coral to upload.  Can we still use this option?


We are not entering teams or groups via excel spreadsheets as we have done in the past. We are happy to discuss how to enter your group or team.  Please email us and we will arrange this for you. 



We have paid via invoicing in the past.  Can we still do pay this way?


Please contact us via email to discuss this arrangement. 


Any other questions please just email us and we will be happy to help you!